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Platinum PPC Marketing is a premier lead generation marketing agency that has done millions in revenue each year (2004-).

Platinum PPC Marketing

Multi-Million Dollar Lead Generation

Matt Bingel

President & CEO
San Diego, CA
303-907-6628 (Office)

Welcome to Platinum PPC

Platinum PPC Marketing, Inc. excels at lead generation. We are able to provide:
  • High quality traffic
  • High volume traffic
  • Experience in over 100 verticals
We are able to take already successful programs to the next level with our own combination of search, contextual, display & other sources. We believe in delivering high quality traffic to build solid, long term relationships.

We believe in the “everyone wins” mantra. With our system everyone benefits:
  • Search engine: Benefits from our quality websites, advertising & spend
  • Advertiser: Benefits from our high volume, high quality traffic
  • Consumer: Benefits from transparent, honest web sites & ads
  • Platinum PPC: We benefit by getting the highest payouts for our quality traffic.
We do best in already successful, high converting, and nationwide lead generation programs. If you have such a program please feel free to email me directly at